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About Us

We're On A Mission...

to help New Mexico businesses grow their revenue by over one million dollars by 2023

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We know what it's like to try and run a business and be overwhelmed by marketing options. We've run our own businesses, getting a trial-by-fire education in marketing along the way. 

After many years, and many businesses, we've unlocked the simple secrets to digital marketing success. Those secrets? Don't just run ads or rank high on Google - have an engaging website that converts visitors to buyers, and then send all the traffic you can there.

We know digital advertising and search engine optimization can be really daunting for some and sounds nebulous to others, but we specialize in translating techno-speak to real English. We will have a completely transparent process with you, as we work together to grow your business!  

Meet The Team


Magdelene Gallegos

Project Manager, Client Relations

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Designer, Technician

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Ms. MoneyPenny

Official Office Greeter 

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