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Yellow arches, bitten apples, and smiling mermaids; What do these three things have in common? If you answered something like brand logos or big companies, then you’re right! 

Mcdonald's Logo design

These are instantly recognizable logos that most people know about. The McDonald’s yellow arches are an incredibly famous symbol all over the world, Apple’s bitten apple logo is on over a billion active iPhones and other various devices, and the smiling mermaid is plastered on over 15,328 different Starbucks stores in the country (and that’s not counting the ones overseas too!)


These are popular mainly because the brands are so incredibly well-known and loved, but great logo design also plays a role in how quickly people can recognize these brands.


The Importance of Good Logo Design

Creating a logo isn’t usually a top priority when you start a business. In fact though, people suggest that you make a half-decent logo and just run with it while you get started. No matter what, sooner or later, you’re going to want a recognizable logo to help people identify your business, and here’s why:


  • Strong first impressions matter! You have one chance to show your customers that you’re worth their time, so make sure you're making a good first impression!


  • It grabs people’s attention. You only have a few seconds to snag someone’s attention, so make your logo snappy and eye-catching!


  • It stays in people’s minds. Instantly recognizable brand logos stay in our minds for a very, very long time!


  • Set yourself apart from the competition. A unique and interesting logo sets you apart from everyone else and puts the spotlight on you!


  • Allows you to be consistent. People love it when they see your logo and recognize it on everything that you do. Whether it’s your website, your products, or anything related to your company. Creating consistency fosters brand loyalty!

Our Logo Design Process

So now we know just how important a good logo is, but how does First Click help in the design process?  We specialize in a simple 4-step process that will deliver a great logo you're happy with every time!  Whether you are just starting out and have no idea what you're logo should be, or you already have a very specific idea in mind, we're here to help!

Step 1: Tell us what you like

One of the easiest ways to get started with our design services is to show us examples of what you like. Don’t worry–we aren’t going to copy it! But it does give us an idea of the type of design you like, the colors you want, and also the details you’d like to include.

Not sure what you like?   We'll put some logo designs in front of you and have you tell us what you do and don't like about them.  From there we'll be able to get a feel for what you're looking for.


Step 2: We make a handful of drafts for you to choose from

Once we have an idea of what type of logo you want, we’ll start the drafting process. Here, we’ll make around four to six different drafts that you can choose from. This will really get the creative juices flowing. You'll for sure start to have some opinions about what you do (and don't) like, as your company's logo starts to come into focus! 


Step 3: You choose the design you want and work with a designer until it’s perfect

You'll pick one of the drafts you like from step 2 and we'll edit that one by pulling in new ideas, or stealing ideas from other drafted logos, until you have something you love!  With help from our experts, you can go back and forth on designs and editing the logo, until it’s perfect. We’ll also offer our professional advice and consult you every step of the way, so you’re making the best decisions.


Step 4: You receive your logo

Whether you’re using the logo digitally or in print media, we’ll provide you high-quality high-DPI images, so you can use them to proudly represent your business anywhere!

Here's exactly how we designed our own logo following these steps

step 1 of the logo design process, assemble colors, ideas, and sample logos that you like
Step 2 of the logo design process - Make a bunch of different drafts with different ideas so you have something to look at and to compare
Step 3 of the logo design process - refine refine refine, even if some ideas don't end up making the cut
Step 4 of the logo design process - Use your brand new logo everywhere!

Contact First Click Today To Discuss Your Logo & Branding Needs!

If you would like to find out more about how we can take your online presence to new heights with a well-designed website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Schedule a free appointment below, or send an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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