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Featured Logo Designs

Need an attention-grabbing logo?  We do logo design right here in Albuquerque. Below are some of the logos we've designed in the past.  If you're interested in getting a logo designed for you, check out our logo design process!

Animal-assisted occupational therapy clinic for kids in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Paws and Progress Therapy Logo.webp

Online therapy for New Mexicans, wanted an illustrated logo that showed a serene landscape.

High Hopes Counseling logo.jpg

Client wanted a logo that showed that their technology gurus are friendly and approachable

J-BIT Logo - White Circle Small.webp
J-BIT Logo.png

Wanted a logo that symbolized chess pieces as a play off the name and that would communicate that they are good at strategy.


Wanted a logo that showed that the services provided care while the client had growth and transformation.

HR&V Logo Transparent.png

Wanted a logo that incorporated phone repair into the letters without being hard to read

The Phone Fix Place logo.png

Capital Holding Company

Wanted a simple and elegant logo that was a play off their existing logo for their HVAC And Plumbing company.

NCB Capital Investments Logo.png

Wanted a logo that symbolized New Mexico and rising above the noise.

505 Songworks Logo.png

Patio & Sunrooms Installer

Innovative Design Construction - wanted a simple design that showed off their pergolas.

Innovative Design Construction Logo.png
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