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Crucial Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Providing service is hardly ever just sunshine and butterflies. Now and then, you’ll encounter customers whom you will fail to satisfy. After all, we all have our different opinions and now, more than ever, people are willing to share those of views, no matter how good or how ugly.

How you respond to negative reviews matters. A courteous and professional response to a negative review can greatly improve the customer experience and increase loyalty. About 95% of dissatisfied customers will return if they receive a prompt response with their negative review. Some of them may even remove their negative reviews and use your handling of the situation as a reason to refer you to others.

Knowing how to handle an irate or dissatisfied customer can be difficult. Read on to discover helpful tips on responding to negative reviews.

Keep Your Cool

It's natural to feel enraged and defensive in the aftermath of a negative review, but resist the urge to argue. Keep in mind that potential clients may be looking to see how you respond to these types of reviews. Your online reputation is more important than determining who is right or wrong in these situations, so keep your cool and make amends, if possible.

Respond Promptly and Politely

Customers who are dissatisfied with a location can file a complaint online. Customers typically want the issue resolved, but are also interested in how you resolve it. If you do not respond to an online complaint as soon as possible, it may fester, resulting in additional complaints on review sites and social media.

Personalize the Experience

Customers, especially dissatisfied ones, really just want to be heard.. Listening to your client’s concerns will aid in the formation of trust. Thank the customer for providing feedback on a specific store visit or transaction and reassure them that you are dedicated to resolving their problem.

Take it Offline

Thank dissatisfied customers for their feedback, but take the conversation offline as soon as possible to avoid additional back and forth in a review section.

Use Templates

You can eliminate the guesswork associated with responding by using response templates. You can be confident that your employees will respond appropriately to each review if they use approved templates. It is preferable if they tailor templates to specific situations and in a voice that reflects the company.

Be Proactive

Dimensional Research found that 44% of people share negative customer service experiences on social media and 35% post negative reviews online. Be proactive by reaching out to dissatisfied customers and try to resolve their issues before they leave negative reviews on other sites. You can do this by regularly monitoring your social media.

Solicit Assistance

If you don't have the time or resources to respond to all reviews, you can hire someone to help. Reputation Management companies can respond to reviews and make requests for positive reviews from happy customers on your behalf.

To create a positive feedback cycle, emphasize positive customer experiences and maintain contact with all customers — the silent majority who may have forgotten to leave a review.


Think of negative reviews as honest feedback. Consider these reviews to be crucial information that could help you improve your products and services.

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