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7 Reasons Why You Have a High Landing Page Bounce Rate

Despite their efforts, many businesses struggle to develop quality content that successfully converts browsers to buyers. The goal is to increase landing page conversions, however, high bounce rates are significantly more common.

So what is a bounce? A bounce occurs when a person leaves without filling out a form or moving on to another page; in other words, single-page visitors. The typical post-click landing page sees nine out of ten visitors bounce. This can be annoying, but companies can decrease their bounce rates by doing better with their SEO efforts.

Reasons Behind a High Landing Page Bounce Rate

Untailored Traffic

The first thing you should to reduce your bounce rate is to check is your ad targeting. Many businesses make the mistake of mischaracterizing their target market, but creating . Companies should create data-driven consumer personas and segment customer types for more tailored targeting. Remember, even the best offer or landing page won't work if you don't know your consumer!

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Page Load Times Are Slow

High bounce rates and amount of time spent on pages are frequently caused by slow loading. Users are busy and value their time, so slow loading pages have become increasingly cumbersome.

According to Google research, pages that take three seconds to load have a 32 percent greater bounce rate than those that load in a second.

Web Design Flaws

Customers may be turned off by poor design, whereas well-designed landing pages are more likely to result in conversions. Numerous aspects go into making a good design.

A typical design mistake is a crowded or overpowering landing page. Clutter dilutes your message's potency and slows page load times.

You should follow web design best practices while creating landing pages. To build a user-friendly design, perform A/B testing. You can also seek web design services from a reputable company.

Poor Quality Content

It's no wonder that visitors consider content containing faults to be of low quality. Many businesses are unaware that jargon, convoluted, or spammy language influences the qualitynof their page.

The information on your landing page should be easy to read, so that both users and Google comprehend, and trust, the message you’re conveying on your website.

Unimportant Messages

Many landing pages fail because they strive to please everyone and satisfy no one. When visitors are bombarded with unnecessary material, they can't easily figure out what you're presenting to them or why it matters. .

You may decrease information by using audience segmentation and customized landing page experiences, so your post-click experience is relevant to your target consumer. Users get a better experience with customized landing pages because you deliver the correct messaging at the right time.

Inadequate Mobile Experience

An excellent mobile landing page attracts attention, prompts action, and converts visitors. On the other hand, slow load speeds, terrible design, and content overload frequently degrade the mobile experience.

Create unique mobile and desktop landing pages suited to each device's journey. Because mobile users consume and engage with information differently, landing pages mainly built for them are required.

Unclear Next Stage

There's no way for a consumer to convert without a clear next step, so even interested visitors will bounce. You may simplify your aims and eliminate misunderstanding by providing only one key conversion option.

Include prominent connections to the next step and clear call-to-action (CTA) content. Don't let your visitors leave because they can't find where your CTA button is located.


A successful landing page relies on a low bounce rate. Checking for the above issues will help with your landing page concerns. If you need help, you could also seek a digital marketing agency, like First Click Digital Marketing & SEO

First Click builds and optimizes websites to bring customers to you! We provide SEO, web design, logo design, reputation management, social media management, and blog & content writing services. Call us for your digital marketing needs!

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