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Guest Blog: 5 Website Optimization Tips for Multi Location Businesses By Stacey Bailiff

Everybody knows that a website is critical for success in the age of online/hybrid commerce. However, few businesses are successful in getting their website to work for them at its highest capacity. This issue is compounded for multi location businesses, who must balance establishing a consistent brand with keeping customers informed of the happenings at each specific store.

With this in mind, if you own or operate a multi location business that is struggling with its online identity, consider the following 5 tips that can help you optimize your business’ website.

1. Have an Elite Where to Buy Page

With a multi location business, it is likely that customers are familiar with your name, even if they are not always familiar with where to buy. And as 60% of local searches result in an in-store visit within 24 hours, it is essential that you provide customers with this information as efficiently as possible. Therefore, any website optimization efforts for multi location businesses should begin with the best wordpress store locator on the market.

When customers visit your business’ where to buy page, the software will use the client’s GPS coordinates to automatically route them to the nearest dealer or professional. Not only does this give clients directions for how to get there, but by connecting them with local professionals, your business can immediately take care of any follow-up questions, helping you close more sales. In addition, the where to buy page will feature branded local content of the most proximate location, giving leads the choice to browse through images and familiarize themselves with local landmarks for easy identification.

2. Create a Separate Page for Each Location

Many multi location businesses think that they have to create a unique website for each of their locations. This is not necessary, as it usually does nothing more than confuse the search engines. However, it is important to create separate pages for each of your business’ locations. Some features to include on each unique page are:

  • Detailed listings of any products or services that are unique to that location or that differ from the standard corporate/franchise offerings in any way

  • Unique content that is relevant to that specific location

  • Local address, location-specific social media buttons, and any other relevant contact information

3. Use Local SEO for Each Page

The power of local SEO is no secret. While there are countless internet searches for general information about products and services, those searches with some sort of geographic specifier are much more likely to yield a high-interest client ready to make a purchase.

The best place to start for optimizing each location’s page is to create a unique URL for each branch. This is easily accomplished by adding the location to the end of the URL, such as or Doing this allows users to quickly see that your business has multiple locations and where they are at.

In addition, the content on each page should have trending local keywords, relevant local photographs, and destinations or landmarks proximate to the business.

4. Make a Google Business Page for Each Location

A Google Business profile makes it easy for businesses to manage their business across Google, providing helpful search and map features that can connect your various branches to location-specific customers. While you can manage all of your locations under one Google Business profile, there are several important points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that all contact information (including hours of operation) is up-to-date and accurate for each location

  • Upload pictures of the surroundings for each location so that it is recognizable from a streetside or parking lot view

  • Solicit reviews for each location so that a negative review at one store does not negatively impact the parent company

5. Provide Personalization for Each Location

Finally, while it is important to make sure that the company’s brand is strengthened through each of its unique locations, it is important that you do not convey a cookie-cutter mindset. People are much more likely to be engaged with your business if they feel like part of the family, so it is critical that you add some elements of personalization that can make each store feel unique to its location. Some ways to accomplish this include:

  • Pictures and videos of a specific location giving back to the community

  • Social media shoutouts and customer reviews featured on the page

  • Sweepstakes and coupons specific to a given location

5 Essential Website Optimization Tips for Multi Location Businesses

Although having a website is crucial in the age of online/hybrid commerce, optimizing your site for a multi location business is easier said than done. With this in mind, installing elite store locator software, creating a separate page for each location, performing local SEO for each page, making a Google Business page for each location, and providing personalization for specific stores are 5 great tips for website optimization for a multi location business.

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