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Four Important SEO Principles

Updated: May 18, 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of businesses. This is doubly true if you’re an online seller. Considering the importance, you should create a good SEO strategy for your website. This is easier said than done because there are a many number of things you need to consider when it comes to SEO. So what are basic SEO principles that will help improve your business's online presence?

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is one of the most important principles to keep in mind when it comes to SEO. A well-designed keyword strategy is the foundation of SEO. Every page on your website should follow this strategy andshould have a specific keyword.

Title Tags

Title tags are an important aspect of SEO. Search algorithms analyze your headlines to determine the topic of your content and where it should rank among similar posts. With that in mind, you should include a keyword near the beginning of your title. It will make it easier for Google to recognize the relevance of your content. You can also include a brand name in the title. This will help people find you on social media.

Meta Description

Although meta keywords no longer directly influence search engine rankings, many other features like meta descriptions can still contribute to SEO. When people search for something using a search engine, they usually look at two things: the headlines and the meta descriptions (bothdisplayed next to the headlines with the latter is always displayed below the headline in Google’s search results). By highlighting keywords in the meta description, search engines encourage people to click throughyour website and to read your content.

High-Quality Content

You could learn and apply every trick in the book to SEO, but you won’t be gaining traffic without publishing high-quality content on your website. You have to create relevant posts that explain niche-related phenomena to help users solve theirproblems through their own organic searches

Today, the idea blog post should be around 1600 characters, butplain text can only get you so far. If you want the content to be enticing and compelling for an average reader, you can take advantage of multimedia content. Multimedia content, like review videos, make your content more effective for the average user and cangenerate much more interest than plain text, especially for online retailers. This type of video content helps users learn about your products or services, encouraging them to complete the purchase after watching.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you bolster your website’s SEO strategy. While it may seem complicated at first, SEO can be pretty manageable as long as you’re well informed. Be sure to keep everything you’ve learned here in mind, so that you can make the most informed decisions for your site.

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