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Here Are 6 Things Small Businesses Need to Know to Make SEO Work

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term investment. Although it’s tempting to be drawn into the lure of quick wins, SMBs should consider investing in SEO, knowing that success may take time. Here are some things that can improve your search rankings and increase your conversion:

  1. Use Long-Tail and Related Keywords

Keywords are crucial to SEO, and one of the best types to use are long-tail keywords. When using keywords for SEO, you need to use those that have high relevance and low competition. Long-tail keywords have more words that make them more specific and have more search intent.

And when it comes to long-tail keywords, you don’t just pick them from a bunch of keywords; they need to be relevant to your content and business.

  1. Create Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

One of the most important things in your SEO strategy are your title tags because they will help you determine when a user clicks on your content via search results. Therefore, create engaging titles and make sure your primary keyword is included in them.

On the other hand, meta descriptions play a crucial role in drawing users to click on your page. At the same time, your meta descriptions inform search engines about what the page is all about. However, meta descriptions are limited to 160 characters only. Use this as an opportunity to be brief and creative. Similar to your title tag, your meta description needs to contain your primary keyword as well.

  1. Track Site Metrics

When you have your SEO strategies in place, track your site metrics to show you the areas where you can improve on. You can use Google Analytics, where you can access various metrics that will give you valuable insights.

  1. Always Have Search Intent In Mind

User search intent is what people want to find when they search for your business. Your content should fit the search intent. Otherwise, your rankings could be hit because search engines can tell if your content is relevant or not.

  1. Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly

Everyone on the internet wants fast results. No one will wait for more than 10 seconds for a page to load. Actually, no one is willing to wait for more than five seconds. If it doesn’t load within that time frame, they’re out of there. High bounce rates on websites can also affect your site’s ranking.

Optimize your page speed and ensure all your pages load within three seconds or less. Some of the optimization tricks you can do are to compress the images, improve server response time, limit your redirects, and cache the website pages.

  1. Stick to a Responsive Website Design

Your website should be accessible across all devices, especially now that more users go online via their mobile phones. A responsive web design will ensure your site loads properly across all devices. That way, you won’t lose any traffic, and you get to reach your target audience no matter their device of choice.

Boost Your SEO Today

It’s no secret that SEO can drive traffic to your site. Use these tips to ensure your SEO is on the right track and get your desired results. Next thing you know, your business has grown!

Let us help you rank higher on the SERPs. First Click in Albuquerque, NM will ensure your website converts, making your website work for your business. Contact us today to get started!

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