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How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Presence In 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Internet use changes every year. As new technologies become more available and user habits change, so too will the landscape of the internet. In fact, digital technology is developing so rapidly that the internet may be unrecognizable within the same year. And as these changes take hold, the whole world must adjust.

Businesses hoping to capitalize on their digital presence need to watch over this. New trends are constantly replacing the old. If you are preparing for a fruitful digital year in 2022, here are some tips from a digital marketing agency you might find helpful in the coming year:

What Marketing Strategies Would Still Work in 2022

1. Think about Producing Videos

If there is a medium that has been thriving these past few years, it is video content, and it will continue to do so in the years to come. Video platforms like TikTok and the newly launched YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are on the rise. Interest in these short yet entertaining videos have been growing at incredible rates.

Besides short-form content, brands are also exploring longer-form original video content to create a name for their brand. If your company is not yet tapping this medium, it is time you start thinking about producing them.

2. Build a Stronger Brand Image

People are into strong storytelling nowadays, and that begins with a good brand image. Polish your brand story and make it known to a bigger audience.

Focus on getting your name and story out there. When you successfully achieve that, you can develop a stronger connection to your audience. Boost your presence online by releasing all kinds of exciting and new content for your followers and see how your brand awareness improves over time.

3. Optimize for Voice Search

If you have not thought about this yet, make sure that you optimize voice search for your website. More people are using voice search because voice assistants have grown in popularity over the years.

The way you optimize your website in this medium is different from regular search engine optimization. Include this in your list of priorities next year. That way, your products and services can be the top results of voice searches.

4. Hype Your Local SEO

If you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, focus on localizing your SEO. It is not a new trend or strategy, yet not all companies are doing it.

This strategy focuses on geofencing technology. From its name, geofencing focuses on creating boundaries by sending GPS or RFID signals to the user once their smartphone enters a specific area. It allows advertisers to send more targeted messages to searchers within a particular area.


Success in digital marketing is all about knowing the right strategies to implement and when to use them. Strategies like these change throughout the years, so it is vital to keep an eye on the latest. This article enumerated the latest and most effective digital strategies to try in 2022. Execute these, and you might get the online traction you are looking for.

To know how to do them right, let an experienced digital marketing agency assist you. First Click Digital Marketing & SEO aims to help New Mexico businesses grow their business through enhancing their online presence. We are a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in translating techno-speak to real English, so our clients understand everything they need to know about their business.

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