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Why You Should Invest in a Website That Serves Your Customers

Many businesses make the mistake of designing websites for themselves instead of their users and, therefore, potential customers. There are many reasons why doing this is wrong, but the biggest reason is that your visitors will be using your website, not you.

If you are planning to build a website to attract more customers and grow your business, you should know that the entire process should have your users’ best interests in mind. Read on and explore the steps you can take to achieve this and how you can obtain accurate information about what your potential customers want and need from your website.

User Persona

User persona refers to the profiling of your website users and potential customers. This is an important aspect of website design and digital marketing because you want to get a sense of what your target audience is like.

However, this task can be challenging and time-consuming and even give you insufficient results. This is why setting the main objective before creating your user persona is helpful.

If you want to gain more leads through your website, it is best to create a detailed design for real people. Look for emotional hooks you can use to create this design and imagine yourself acting the way your potential customer most likely would. This strategy allows you to focus on the users as humans and prevents you from looking at the data from a strictly statistical point of view.

User Journey

The next thing you should pay attention to is the user journey, which means mapping users’ activity on your platform. Before building your website, this step will help you initiate interactions with your users and provide them with the content that fits their needs. You should give them relevant information, after all.

To do this, imagine yourself as the user looking for answers to certain questions. Then, it becomes easier for you to design a user experience that efficiently provides them with these answers.

Website browsing is a journey for every digital user, so you need to map this out to determine the following best points you can lead your users to. How did a certain user come across your website? What will they most likely do once they’re on your landing page? Considering these different factors lets you better understand their needs and build a structurally sound website and contains well-presented content.

You may use this simple guide to become familiar with the three significant stages of a user journey:

  1. Awareness - Browsing your website, exploring features and elements, gathering information

  2. Consideration - Determining if your solutions address their question, looking for additional details

  3. Decision - Getting ready to engage, responding to the calls to action


Gaining traction in a most likely saturated industry starts with building a website that appeals to your target audience and addresses all of their specific needs. This is why understanding the concepts of user persona and user journey is critical to your website design.

Treat your potential customers as real people asking real questions, and it will definitely be easier for you to create a platform and content that customers can come back to.

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