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Is Social Media Management a Form of Digital Marketing?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

In today's marketing world, digital marketing reigns, with social media playing an essential role. However, they aren't the same. Digital marketing concerns itself with a more traditional approach, despite being enacted in the modern world. On the other hand, social media is more laid-back and involves the analysis of global trends.

Despite the differences, you'll need these two to advocate your business successfully.

Purpose of Social Media Management

While social media comes in different channels, digital marketing can refer to both digital marketing materials and online marketing.

You may pay to run digital marketing advertisements on social media networks even if you don't have an active profile. But no one does that because who doesn't want to take advantage of social media's free marketing power?

Having inactive social media pages is seen as a red flag by customers. If your social media page lacks both content and engagement, it can signify that your business isn't accessible as well. When this happens, you might lose your potential customers.


Customers want you to be present on social media, not simply in the form of advertisements. They try to engage in a dialogue with your brand to ask questions, review your business, and contact your customer care department.

Social Media Management Is a Form of Digital Marketing

Everything you do on social media can become a part of your digital marketing strategy. Social media is transparent, so everything goes under the branding and marketing umbrella.

Many people perceive digital marketing campaigns in terms of budget, targets, and overall strategy. Social media is often one of the numerous platforms where you can execute your campaign, whether it's a free or paid strategy.

Using Social Media to Supplement Digital Marketing Efforts

By including social media management services into your digital marketing strategy, you can take your business to a new whole level.

Paid advertising is a way to get your digital marketing agency to promote your brand message in front of a highly targeted audience on social media. Using the abundance of personal information and data available on social media, you can hyper-target your audience.

Aside from traditional digital advertisements, you can also pay to enhance your social media and reach a larger audience. Because social media algorithms severely limit most company accounts' natural reach, it is typically ideal to invest in what can boost your efforts.

Marketing Your Business Using Social Media

One of the most common uses of social media is free digital marketing. For instance, sharing a link to the most recent blog on your Facebook page is all it takes to spread your news from the digital mountaintops.

You can use your most relevant social media platforms to promote fresh website content, blogs, videos, events, promotions, deals, and new products. Just remember to engage like a human, not as a business, while utilizing unpaid social media. Even the most loyal customers will be put off by a formal marketing tone.


Efficient modern marketing requires both digital marketing and social media. So, before you delve into either, learn how they operate, how they work together, and how they may benefit your brand. Lastly, consult with digital marketing experts to get optimal results!

We at First Click build and optimize websites to bring customers to you. Our digital marketing and social media management services help boost your business's online presence. Call us now at (505) 289-0086!

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