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5 Major Reasons to Change Your Perspective about Blogging

Ultimately, the goal of every social media campaign is to eventually drive traffic to our corporate blogs. A majority of Fortune 500 companies are utilizing this strategy, even as years have passed.

This year, why not change the narrative? Let's explore reasons to do so, as well as ways to reframe the mindset.

1) Teasers Have Become Boring

Corporate blogs can lose their novelty after a few years of posting the same material.

After years of writing the same types of blogs, from the same perspectives, over and over again, people have become bored. These blogs still work, but they are dull and no one really reads them anymore. It’s time to make a change.

2) Most People Prefer to Stay on the Platform They Are On

Blogs must be interesting because people are no longer living in an era where people visit corporate websites to read boring blogs. This doesn’t mean people don’t want to see your blogs, but that they value their time, so why not make it worth their while by including interesting content on every platform?

3) Platforms Are Prohibiting Outbound Links

Facebook is the most notable platform to start this initiative. It has started rolling out a feature where they are pulling links out of Facebook posts, restricting the audience to only those who are logged into Facebook.

In the future, people may be prohibited from posting links to content outside of their Facebook page. Now is the time to start using content engagement tools that allow people to collect email addresses. This is the new wave of content marketing.

Ways to Reframe Our Mindset:

1) Make Sure Corporate Blogs Focus on SEO

While some corporate blogs start to get traction right away, they may not be seeing the results we want. It is time for companies to make sure their blogs include the right type of SEO best practices.

For starters, companies should make sure their blogs are accessible within the SERPs. Don’t waste precious time trying to guess what Google wants and hoping it will rank well.

Lastly, utilizing tools like Yoast. They assure that blogs are optimized properly, while tailoring blogs to specific keywords being targeted.

2) Use Blogs for Media Pitches Instead

If the goal is to drive traffic to a company’s blog, then why not use blogs to promote the company’s latest articles and videos?

If all the company’s media sites are working to produce high-quality content, they should use this content to their advantage use their blogs to distribute their latest articles and videos.

This practice alsoincentivizes the team to produce more quality content by increasing the likelihood that we'll be able to get it featured on the corporate blog.


Corporate blogs are no longer the novelty they once were. People have gotten bored with the same content being posted over and over again. It is time to change the way blogs are written and tap into a new marketing strategy. Blogs should promote the latest and greatest content.

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